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Question: What is the difference between Justin and other coaches?


The difference between me and other coaches can be boiled down to five key points:

1. Payment

I don’t expect payment unless the client feels significant change by our 6th on-line meeting together. If at the end of our 6th call/meeting you have not felt significant improvement, you are free to walk away.

Floating in the cold sea whilst recording some vides tips for social media.

Floating in the cold sea whilst recording some vides tips for social media.

2. The Process

Most other coaches talk a lot of bullshit, have achieved very little and have some half-assed coaching certification. I have built and sold multiple companies in various countries, made money, made mistakes, learnt from my mistakes and made more money. I am an obsessed and driven human who could not find happiness until I had a proper shock to my system: 8 years ago, I watched my son die before his 1st birthday. Instead of dealing with that, I went out to prove how tough I was and started building more businesses. The first failed, so I licked my wounds and moved to a new country and built the next one. Three years later I was hit with PTSD, I never took a day off or stayed in bed… I sought help and kept pushing… Then I realised that there was more to life than showing the world how tough I was … I ended up successfully selling that business to a UK plc. I realised that I could be happy (a concept I was not too familiar with for the previous 40 years).

I studied with an incredible Indian Psychiatrist who trained me in Psychotherapy Coaching. I then devoured everything I could consume on Eastern philosophy relating to the mind, body and soul interaction.

My process connects people to their fears, their limitations, bringing a sense of peace within them so they can overcome their inhibitors. I then create strong souls who can truly taste life and take so much more from it.

3. I know how to sustain success

I know what it takes to be successful in the Western mindset and I know what success feels like in the ancient Eastern mindset - I am the bridge between these two points and I teach from this perspective. 


4. Has your coached walked the walk?

I come from a simple working-class background, I was poorly educated and exposed to a lot of stress as a kid. I went to London at 19 and made my own luck, by 21 I was leading a team of 7 people building my banking career. By 25 I was a director of my own company which employed over 100 people. I didn’t look for excuses - I looked for opportunities and I exploited them where possible. Do you want to be coached by someone who has never taken significant risk, has never pushed their mind and body, or who has never tasted success, or separated themselves from the masses?

5. I am the embodiment of my teachings

I live by EVERYTHING I teach, without exception, no bullshit.

These are the five key differentials between me and most other coaches. I am not cheap and I don’t work with people who are unwilling to go deep or are lacking the right mindset

What does your typical day look like?

  • bed at 9.15pm as I get up at 4.45am every day

  • meditation each morning

  • a fully plant-based diet

  • alcohol free

  • 30 minutes in the cold Irish Sea at dawn

  • exercise / movement daily

  • always planning, developing and building ideas

  • research every day on topics connected to personal development and well-being

  • studying the global financial markets, geopolitics and economics on a daily basis

  • advising the many clients and businesses that I am retained as an adviser to

Others may talk about business coaching, leadership and personal development - I live it. I believe you only know who you are once you have been beaten down to your knees and faced your demons. That day happened for me in 2015, I rebuilt from personal tragedy and came back stronger and happier than before.

What happens during our first call?

The first call is simply an hour to get to know each other. It allows me to explain my process and how my teachings will go towards crafting the changes you are seeking in life or business. There is absolutely zero commitment at this point. As a potential client, you have nothing to lose by committing to the first call but much to gain, even if you never return after the first hour.

Do you work with companies as well as individuals?

Yes, I have an extensive career within complex sectors sitting on the Boards of both private and government organisations (including UK Gov).


I have coached board members, senior teams and organisations. I am known for my ability to challenge an organisation, to cut through noise and evaluate the strategy, the financials and the people, within a very short space of time.

I have a detailed knowledge of financial accounting, sales and marketing, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, employment practices, change management and M&A.

I have built and sold multiple businesses and I have a strong track record as an entrepreneur in multiple countries.

I have heard abut the Vagus Nerve and how this can improve my health, do you bring this into your program?

Yes, I do, as learning to master your Sympathetic Nervous System is a key part of my work with my direct clients. If you want to know the key secrets of the truly successful business leaders and professional athletes, then understanding how to find and maintain ‘flow state’ is key. This ‘flow state’ is found by understanding the nervous system and training the body to recognise fear and then take the appropriate action. All of these triggers and outcomes link back to the Vagus Nerve and then into the wider nervous system. My program is a playbook for increasing success, finding a greater sense of purpose and becoming a happier, healthier human.

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