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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your support and willingness to sign up to my site. I have just launched the YouTube channel (Justin Caffrey) and if you can subscribe, I would hugely appreciate it. Having always built businesses that are brands on their own, with me leading as an entrepreneur, I am not going to lie to you and say this approach ( - the brand!) does not present some fear. When we expose our most vulnerable self it makes us uncomfortable and sets our negative voices running wild ....

In many ways, launching a brand that is your own name is like stepping out into the street naked, everyone knows it is you, they can have a good look, whilst slightly covering their eyes, and really whatever happens from this point forward is going to define you. So, I guess what I am saying is, please look past the not so perfectly formed body, don't sneer, and come forward to join me, support me and help me support you. 

Most people are suffering or have suffered and need space to find their path. My journey was all about finding that path, finding a part of me that I had left behind years ago. Through trauma, bad memories, or simply lacking self-love, we can often step into another version of ourself, a darker version, one that can hide away our distressing memories from childhood or later life, one that then uses other tools to keep those locked away memories well hidden, such as alcohol, abusive relationships, self loathing, eating, poor sleeping and so on.

I spent four years of my life researching about myself, digging deep into my conscious and subconscious, opening all of those locked boxes containing the former issues, distresses, distractions and dismantling the belief systems my mind had created to fool me, to hold me back, to stop me being the absolute best version of me.

I now combine that into a simple practice and coaching technique that supports my clients. 

The best part of finding peace and reconnecting with myself is that I now enjoy quality time with my family as I truly feel present within those wonderful moments.

If you want to step into a stronger, faster, brighter, happier version of you then I can help. Please sign up on the site for regular hints, tips and hacks. Or contact me directly if you would like to have some one-to-one coaching. This can be done in person or via Skype. 

Stay calm & happy,


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