How do I avoid the Imposter Syndrome?

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How Do I Avoid the Imposter Syndrome?

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Have you ever felt like you were 'not good enough' for your current role, your current business or your current relationship?

The Imposter Syndrome is a well documented common occurrence in modern life. Most successful people have suffered from it and many continue to suffer from it and some are even motivated by it! However, for others, it can be an inhibitor, something that can hold you back, even stop you from being the very best version of yourself.

Maybe you have taken over a role after a business partner has stepped down, a colleague has passed away, or roles have changed due to maternity leave. In these situations you may feel quite anxious, a feeling of 'I am not ready yet'. In reality you are ready, if you were not ready others would not have put you forward, you would not be in this position. It is important to realise what has brought you to this point and to remember successes of the past, in order to be able to conquer the narrative in your head. Create a positive message in your mind to counteract the negativity.

Equally an actual promotion through merit can trigger the same feelings, or building your own business can present tussles with the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. The syndrome is just another example of negative voices in your mind, BS that needs to be removed and space created for a happier positive narrative.  

Meditation and mindful practices can create the calm to combat these chattering noises and restore positivity and energy. Many of the world's most successful business people, sports stars, artists and entertainers have already figured this out.

Just think about it for a second: if you had a quiet mind, if you were absolutely present in this moment, wouldn't you be able to control the Imposter Syndrome? I speak from experience and I assure you that you can indeed, and my clients' testimonials will speak to this too. 

Watch the video, then create your strategy to defend your mind and let me know how you get on. 

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing - Justin.

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