Why I believe meditation is a Jedi power and how you can develop this mastery.

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Why I believe Meditation is a Jedi Power and how You can develop this Mastery.

My journey into the ways of the East and meditation started over five years ago. Since then I have meditated every day for the past four years and for one very simple reason: one of the wisest and most remarkable human beings I have ever had the fortune to meet, Dr. Pradeep Chadha, told me it would change my life ..... A big and bold statement, but he prefaced this statement with the simple fact that it would require "commitment, consistency and belief".

You will struggle to find any entrepreneur, athlete, leader or highly motivated being who will not sit up in their seat and pay very close attention to such a statement. Personally, I have always believed that there is more to give of oneself, another 10% if you will. So when the wonderful Doc floated this idea I was all in. No half measures. Any enhancement is an edge, an upgrade, the start of the 2.0 version that most driven beings are in pursuit of. 

The next and most important thing to realise on the path to developing a solid meditation practice is the need to start small. Bank a few minutes each day and build from there. Now, some days I can meditate for hours, but most days I meditate for one hour. However when I started, it was only five minutes every day. Do not try and create a practice that is not sustainable in the context of your attention span, family commitments or your historical habits in respect to your staying power.

I have read, listened to and researched so much within this field and I felt it was a natural next step to start developing some simple meditations for my clients. So as a subscriber to my site you will also receive firsthand notification of these meditations. However, variety is the spice of life, so don't be afraid to type "guided meditations" into your web browser. It is important to find a length of time (five, ten or twenty mins) that works for you and a voice that is appealing (you might hate mine!!). Then build up a library of six to seven guided meditations you like so you can then mix them up. Gabby Bernstein and Deepak Chopra provide free content on YouTube. I really like Deepak's voice, and Gabby's back story is so great, she shows us that nobody is beyond redemption. 

Then make sure your practice is consistent on a daily basis, both in respect to time and location. Ideally as soon as you wake up, simply hydrate, sit up straight, headphones on, eyes closed and listen to your guided meditation. Do not go onto social media before you meditate and after your meditation, try to stay clear of your phone for the first hour of the morning. 

At the end of my meditation I always find it comforting to give thanks for some key things. My list is always the same, my family, our health, our dogs, our home and recent positive events. Feel into your heart when you give thanks as this will resonate with you and make you realise how truly lucky you are. 

If you can conquer your first hour the day will be yours! I have provided a link below to my guided meditation. There is a few mins of explanation to get you ready and the meditation lasts about seven minutes.... Please try it out and let me know what you think. 

A link to all of my YouTube content and be found by CLICKING HERE.

Stay calm and happy, 

Justin Caffrey

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