What is Elite Coaching with Justin?

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What is Elite Coaching with Justin?

This is a key question with a rather subjective answer. My caveat to every client is that 'you will get out as much as you put in'. There is homework and also a need to bring a mindset that is willing to change and engage in new concepts. 

My philosophy for coaching was born out of twenty years of experience in building successful businesses, coaching successful leaders within those businesses and maintaining sustainable wealth. I also embarked on a significant journey of self-discovery in 2014 where I needed to deal with demons of my earlier life along with the loss of my son Joshua. I have been blessed to study with Dr. Chadha (Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist) who is Indian by birth but living and working in Ireland for over twenty years. We combined our skills and developed a program to assist others recover from modern day stresses, significantly increase performance and build a sustainable happy mind, body and soul.

We studied in detail how mental stresses manifest in the body in the form of physical or chronic pain. I can certainly attest to this being part of my issues in 2014. I was being seen by advanced medical teams for multiple respiratory issues, cardiac issues, joint problems and more. I have learned that these issues were signs from my body that all was not well in the core of my being. My mind was struggling and it was asking for help. I was neither listening, nor interested, as I was distracted by multiple thoughts, fears and stresses that were spinning around my mind on a minute-by-minute basis. 

Interestingly enough during this acute phase my creative mind was being sidetracked, my entrepreneurial flair was handicapped and I was running on a 'standby mode' rather than full power. My mind and body did not know how to slow down, nor how to deal with all of these physical strains and mental tortures. Eventually the body will give up, there will be a total breakdown. Thankfully I sought help before getting to this point, but without such affirmative action further significant decline is almost inevitable thus requiring intense medical intervention. Medication for me was not an option I wanted to pursue as I wanted a holistic healing approach to the torment in my mind.

Needless to say I recovered, but through that recovery I also realised that this was something I wanted to bring to a bigger audience.

I learnt some key pillars through my time then whilst working with Dr. Chadha:

1. The need for movement

2. The need for sleep

3. The need for a quiet mind

4. The need for community

5. The need for nourishing food

6. The need for positive mental interactions

7. The need to remove all things that do not serve you

Each one on its own can improve your wellbeing, but a program where they are all improved upon  will yield truly significant and lasting improvement in ones well being.

I became Dr. Chadha's understudy, not in a medical context, but as a novice in respect to his Eastern (non-medicated) philosophy. Combing his teachings and my abilities and experience I have develop a practice for elite clients who want to achieve more, who want to push past fear, anxiety and stress and step into their version 2.0.

My morning meditation at sunrise (Brittas Bay - Wicklow)

My morning meditation at sunrise (Brittas Bay - Wicklow)

I now work with some incredible business leaders, professional athletes and artists around the world. We work via video conference and generally achieve significant breakthroughs within 6 - 8 weeks of work together.

I firmly believe we can only be coached by those who have had significant experience and who understand what we are going through. I have walked the walk.

"when the student is ready, so too is the teacher"

Are you ready to make significant and impactful change in your life? If the answer is yes, then I am ready to hold space for you and to hold you accountable to your higher self. 

Andy L from London (Coached for 8 weeks) "Our work together has been life changing and left me calmer and happier. I resolved historical stressful issues, developed a structured daily practice along with key tools to assist me going forward. I highly recommend his work and approach. In addition I worked with Beatrice (Justin's nutritional coach) and this has been essential and complimentary."

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Stay calm and well,


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