The Social Fabric Podcast (Click HERE to listen)

Andrea interviews Justin to glean an insight into his training, experience and background. Justin talks about growing up in Northside Dublin, a working class upbringing filled with challenge. From humble beginnings with limited educational support, this working class kid makes his way to London to join the ranks of banking. What follows is a story of triumph over adversity, a meeting of the mind and soul and a connection into a part of the human spirit that Justin believes is available to all. Justin ran from the shadows of his past, but ended up in a tangled web of life which eventually led to losing his son Joshua. This podcast is also peppered with 6 songs that Justin best feels represent those periods of his life that are discussed on the podcast.

The One Year No Beer Podcast (Click HERE to Listen)

When tragedy strikes, it can be easy to retreat into anything that looks like it could be a form of escape, whether that’s a bottle of alcohol or some other destructive substance or behavior. On the other hand, surviving tragedy can also put you on a path of self-discovery, learning how to face inner demons and change your way of life entirely. Today’s guest knows something about both the challenges and triumphs of facing tragedy.Justin Caffrey is a successful serial entrepreneur who after several major life experiences started to question everything in his life. This lead to Justin going alcohol-free, eating a plant-based diet and using meditation as a way to cope. Justin now aims to help people overcome adversity and struggle via meditation and healthy living through his wonderful Instagram posts on Justin.caffrey..

The New Normal Project Episode 1 (Click HERE to Listen)

Justin Caffrey is an Irish business and family man in his early 40's who from a tough and humble childhood experienced tremendous success after he left his university course prematurely. He worked hard in the finance industry becoming a serial entrepreneur and self-described ‘unconscious capitalist’. This gave him tremendous professional and financial success but when his son Joshua died he found both his business and personal life close to collapse.

In this special 2 part episode Justin tells us his life story with themes around depression, suicide, psychiatric support, medication, meditation and alcohol excess. Gratefully the overriding moral of the story is one of accepting life's challenges to transform oneself to a life that's in alignment with core consciouness-founded values. It’s an epic tale and one that may trigger strong responses as you listen. But stay with it and you'll hear how Justin has come out on the other side. He's now an advocate for living a life of authenticity, with clarity, with a focus on meditation and with a greater awareness of the decisions we make about how we work and how we connect with those around us. Listen to Justin's tale and ask yourself, are you ready for what life might throw at you?

The New Normal Project Episode 2 (Click HERE to Listen)