An Elite Mindset Coach who works with companies and clients around the world.

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A simple Q&A video explaining my methods when coaching. As a trained Psychotherapy Coach who also has an extensive and successful business career, I know how to expand your mind and challenge your beliefs around what is possible.


This video was shot in the forest and on the beach near my home in Greystones Ireland. A huge part of my work is connected to nature. I swim each morning in the Irish Sea. Floating and meditating whilst nature unfolds and sculpts the landscape around me.


David & Stephen Flynn (aka The HappyPear) are friends and clients. Their business and branding is a testimony to consistency in respect to social media content, well-being and living a life that you portray on social media. We share morning swims and philosophies on life.


I built a plan around nourishing the mind, moving the body and reconnecting with the spirit. This allowed me to step back into the truest version of myself. At times we lose sight of this version, often through abuse of alcohol, destructive relationships, personal tragedy, drugs or for many other reasons. 

By working on myself daily, consuming whole foods, mindful practices, being active and avoiding damaging substances or relationships, I have created significant and lasting change in my life. 

*The Path is available to all who chose to work with me*

I have been an Executive Coach since 2009 when I started with EMC - a leading consultancy practice in the UK.

Check out the old article from EMC - funny to see the slightly less flattering photos! (Justin Caffrey Joins EMC - Link Here).

I am now an highly regarded Elite Mindset Coach and I still work with corporates and individuals globally.


My program is about reconnecting with yourself, evaluating your status and building a plan for real and lasting success and happiness.