Where I started, my journey and where I am now

With time spent in the private equity sector in London during the financial crisis, Justin has proven his abilities in the toughest environments and has been hailed for his drive and determination. He has sat on multiple boards as executive, non exec and MD over the years, iIncluding UK Government NDPB (representing UK banking) reporting into Senior UK Cabinet Ministers. He has been Chair of Audit Committees, Chair of Renumeration Committees and has overseen multiple committees.

Justin is also a Certified Investment Fund Director with expert knowledge of the financial markets, complex financial instruments, financial accounting and business analysis.

A Time of Crisis

In 2011, Justin lost his second son Joshua who died just before his first birthday. The loss of his son led him on a path of self discovery, personal growth and a connection to his inner spirit that had been lost since his teenage years. 


He faced many challenges after losing Joshua, but in 2014 he was determined to discover a holistic and natural way to overcome the pain of losing Joshua. He studied with an Indian master who was an expert in both the ancient world and modern psychiatry. As a student of Dr. Pradeep Chadha, Justin learned that the mind can achieve anything that the heart desires, but first it must be calm and able to listen. He qualified as a Psychotherapy Coach under the tutelage of Dr Pradeep Chadha.

The Path of Transformation

What followed was an absolute and complete transformation of the mind, body and soul - Justin Caffrey 2.0. He is a student of Eastern philosophy, a meditation teacher, a martial arts practitioner and a spiritual soul connected to the ancient East. He is currently studying for his Masters MSc the internationally acclaimed Mindfulness Based Intervention at the prestigious University College Dublin (UCD).
Justin is a whole-foods plant based athlete who regularly talks about the importance of the food we eat, our microbiome and the connection of these key points to our mental agility and health.


Personal Success

Justin has been a Leadership, Executive and Business Coach since 2009. He established his first business at the age of 23 after a stellar four year stint in the tough world of banking in London. He has built and sold multiple companies in various countries and sold his last venture to a UK listed Plc. In 2018 he was accredited the prestigious title of the All Ireland - All Star for Personal Development. This accreditation was achieved after an in-depth and rigorous assessment overseen by a prestigious board of academics and a review process through a leading business university

He is married to Beatrice and now lives in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland, with their 11-year old son Luca. In his free time, Justin enjoys running, pilates and kickboxing as well as his continuous research and learning into Eastern philosophies. He has been invited to speak at various conferences throughout the world and has also been featured on podcasts in the US, UK and Australia. Recent podcast interviews with Justin can be found by simply searching "Justin Caffrey" via your podcast app, or via the Media Page.


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